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CLIC Charter Message – Key objective and context

Since 1840 a succession of dam structures have been located at Forest City (ME & NB) to advance the private sector objectives of those parties who built, operated and maintained those dams. Over the past 100 years or so, governmental regulatory authority has been used to augment the construction, operation and maintenance of that succession of dams to ensure that various public interest objectives such as public navigation, conservation, environmental, public safety, public recreation and shoreline property owner concerns and objectives also were achieved. Clearly, the nature and extent of those public interest objectives and associated regulatory requirements expanded as a function of time.

Since 1980, the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has acted as the principal regulatory agency for the Forest City dam, and FERC’s mandate has required it to ensure that a balance of hydropower and public interest objectives were served through the operation and maintenance of that dam.

The Chiputneticook Lakes International Conservancy (CLIC), a non-profit advocacy group and lake association, was created in 1992 to promote and protect the same navigation, conservation, environmental, safety, recreation and shoreline public interest concerns and objectives noted above. Since incorporation under the laws of Maine, CLIC’s geographical area of concern has encompassed the three water impoundment areas above the Forest City dam (East Grand Lake, North Lake, and the Thoroughfare), and the areas including and surrounding the water features below that dam (the spillway and Mud Lake, Spednec Lake and Palfrey Lake).

The current owner/operator of the Forest City dam, Woodland Pulp, LLC, recently applied to FERC to permanently remove the two gates of the dam that are located on the Maine side of the international border, forever draw down the three impoundments, and then surrender its licence to FERC. If this surrender application is accepted as submitted, FERC’s regulatory control over the operation and maintenance of the Forest City dam would cease, water would flow uninhibited through the two large openings left by the removal of the gates and the six public interest objectives and concerns identified above all would be negatively impacted. Thus, the public interest objectives that CLIC was created to preserve and advance would be compromised within the geographical area CLIC was created to serve. CLIC must act now to create, lead and direct activities to prevent Woodland Pulp’s application from being accepted as submitted, and identify and advance regulatory and other types of options that would ensure that those impacts are avoided or reduced as much as reasonably possible.

The Save the Dam Project is CLICs principal instrument to create, communicate and direct activities that will prevent, or reduce to the extent reasonably possible, the negative public interest impacts that will occur if Woodland Pulp’s application to FERC is approved as submitted.

Personal Info

  • Bill Walton, Membership Secretary & Treasurer at CLIC
  • 28 Snowberry Lane Orient, ME 04471-4320

  • Andrew McCain, Clic Working Group
  • 506-328-9541


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Save East Grand Lake Dam

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Save East Grand Lake Dam
I, the undersigned, do hereby urge all relevant governmental agencies, both American and Canadian, to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure the continued operation of the Dam at the outflow of East Grand Lake.


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